Making municipal bond markets intuitive and actionable

Multiple-Markets unlocks a vital asset class for retail investors. We open the murky world of fixed income for individuals and brokers who previously bought only stocks and mutual funds. We make fixed income investing easy and accessible.

The system takes complex bond market data and reduces it to easily comprehensible information that can be used on registered investment advisor portals, Series 7 platforms, custodian systems, robo platforms, mobile sites, Twitter, and web, radio and print media.

Multiple-Markets helps investors track market performance, evaluate bonds for sale and manage portfolios of fixed income securities.

The need for fixed income information is significant and the applications for the MM system are widespread. The Internet permits wide, low cost distribution of information and the MM system is an easy, visual way for investors to get fixed income information. It makes the complex clear.

Multiple-Markets is lead by two of the municipal markets leading professionals with decades of experience managing and visualizing market data, pricing bonds and working with regulators and Congress to create the most transparent markets possible.


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